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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 14, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> rick sent this from his prom circa 1994. that looks like a standard tuxedo. he looks very nice. those look good. "fox & friends" starts right now. b why e. -- goodbye. >>gretchen: i almost said tgif because i saw the t for tuesday. not friday. good morning. shocking news overnight. actress angelina jolie revealing she did have a double mastectomy. more on that story ahead. >>steve: the president speaking out about those awful benghazi talking points. >> the whole issue of talking points throughout this process has been a sideshow.
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>>steve: and that's just one of the three scandals the president's got cooking today. >>brian: in another scandal, the justice department secretly obtained phone records at the associated press so did attorney general eric holder sign off on this? some say they would not have been able to be used without his signature. and what was he looking for if he was in fact involved? we'll examine because "fox & friends" starts now. >> hi everybody. i'm bruce jenner and you are watching the best show on television. "fox & friends." >>steve: we've got three major scandals that the white house is involved in, and they are firing back. >>brian: the i.r.s., the a.p. and of course benghazi. the president only took one question yesterday, though it was a compound question and it really fueled all the stories. >>gretchen: it was the very first question, so we will tell you exactly what happened at the press conference. first, your headlines from overnight. a shocking announcement.
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angelina jolie revealing she underwent a double mastectomy. the actress made the decision after finding out she carried the mutation of the brca-1 gene. that increases her risk of getting breast cancer by 87%. after the procedure her chances of getting breast cancer now less than 5%. she said the decision to have a mastectomy is not easy but one i'm happy i made. i can tell my children that they don't need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer. angelina's mother died of ovarian cancer at the age of 56. angelina 37 years old. her mastectomy and reconstruction happened over three months at a breast center in california. >> the justice department secretly obtained two months of phone records for reporters and editors at the associated press. attorneys say the records
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involve 20 phone lines, both work and personal, of reporters from several bureaus. >> they haven't told us what they're looking for, nor have they explained why we got no prior notice. this is not a very narrow cast inquiry. it seems to be very broad and we don't really know what it's about. >>gretchen: white house press secretary jay carney said we have no knowledge of any attempt by the justice department to seek phone records of a.p. the justice department won't say why it seized the phone records. prosecutors previously said they are investigating details about a foiled al qaeda plot to blow up a plane last year. >> a saudi man will be in federal court today after being arrested at a detroit metropolitan airport with a pressure cooker. as you recall, that is the same device used in last month's boston bombings. investigators say the man lied to customs agents and
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his passport was just missing a page. >> god forbid they hadn't checked this out and this was a dry run. we'd be questioning the u.s. government the way they acted. >>gretchen: the suspect says the pressure cooker was for his nephew and this whole thing is a misunderstanding. >> the defendant says his lawyers botched his 2008 case. the former nfl great ballooned to 275 pounds behind bars. he was convicted in 2008 and being behind bars taking a toll. here he is on the far left yesterday compared to the middle picture. that is in 2008 when he was convicted on the far right in 1995, the day he was acquitted of his ex-wife's murder. you've got to add age to
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that. >>steve: let's talk about what happened yesterday midday. the president of the united states had a joint press conference with david cameron, the british prime minister. julie pace of the associated press, as is tradition, got to ask the one american question, but she worked in three questions really about the i.r.s. she asked cameron about syria and she asked the president about benghazi, which he essentially dismissed as a political sideshow. here he is. >> the whole issue of talking points, frankly, throughout this process has been a sideshow. what we have been very clear about throughout was immediately after this event happened, we were not clear who exactly carried it out, how it had occurred, what the motivations were. and the e-mails that you allude to were provided by us to congressional
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committees. they reviewed them several months ago, concluded that in fact there was nothing afoul in terms of the process we had used. and suddenly three days ago this gets spun up as if there's something new to the story. >>brian: for the first time the american people are finding out what congressional leaders were able to see but weren't able to take with them. they were able to see with someone staring over their shoulder what these talking points were and how they changed. steven hayes picked it up and jonathan carl picked it up further. the story evolved two or three times. at the same time those three whistle-blowers, you have them come forward to tell how they saw it for the first time. how could the president -- he may not like what's
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there but how can he say there's no "there" there. so >>gretchen: i don't think he liked the question. three things jumped out at me. there was the question. the president knew he was possibly going to get the question now after abc jumped into the game last week. to say that is a sideshow, is that offensive to the four people who died in benghazi? if you're one of those family members today, do you think that's offensive to call this a sideshow? we still have not apprehended anybody for those murders, number one. if he's talking about the talking points being a sideshow, you now have people saying they were changed 12 times and what the white house said originally -- they only changed two words -- may not be the truth. stoeuf every time they -- >>steve: every time they revised it they got further from the truth. when the president said there is no there there. remember when gary hart when running for president said follow me around. next thing you know, gary
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hart, former colorado senator, there he was with donna rice on his lap. what's interesting about the president yesterday is what he remembered -- they have that picture. that's good. what the president remembers and we heard yesterday actually is a lot different than what actually happened. here he is explaining how the day after the terror attack he said it was terror. watch. >> the day after it happened, i acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism. if this was some effort on our part to try to down play what had happened or tamp it down, that would be a pretty odd thing that three days later we end up putting out all the information that in fact has now served as the basis for everybody recognizing that this was a terrorist attack and that it may have included elements that were planned by extremists inside of libya, who
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executes some sort of cover upor effort to tamp things down for three days? the whole thing defies logic. >>brian: there was the counterterrorism person that told congress it was a terror attack after susan rice came forward. if you look back at what the president did, he was in full campaign mode, doing all the fun talk shows like "the view" and letterman. he couldn't answer the question. let's look back at what the president said when he was posed questions by joy behar. >> mr. president, this morning you went out of your way to avoid using the word terrorism in connection with the libyan attack. do you believe this was a terrorist attack? >> it's too early to know exactly how this came about, what group was involved. here's what happened. you had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, sort of a
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shadowy character, an extremely offensive video directed at muhammad and islam. we had nothing to do with the video. we find it offensive. it is not representative of america's views. >> then i heard hillary clinton say it was an act of terrorism. is it? what do you say? >> we're still doing an investigation. >>gretchen: he didn't really in that first week call it terror, even though as you recall that debate he had with mitt romney and candy crowley as the moderator, she basically helped him say in the rose garden he used the word terror in the first week. you can see other interviews where they're still talking about the videotape as being the culprit. here's one interesting point. the president yesterday said it would defy logic that anyone would come up with a story and promulgate it for five to seven days. well, then shouldn't susan rice have been in a lot of trouble when five days later she went on sunday talk shows and didn't call it terror? if the president said it
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was terror from the beginning, wouldn't you roink that the main person m the administration five days later should be in a lot of trouble then if she wasn't following the correct talking points of terror? >>brian: not only that. she's the wrong person. for the last time, she should not have been done this. tom donilon, john brennan, anybody from the military perspective. what about somebody like david petraeus? >>gretchen: that's part of the story. don't you remember we asked that question here on the couch: why is it susan rice? at one point we thought it was maybe to get a plum position later on in the administration. but it's still unknown. >>steve: it's because hillary clinton wouldn't do it. the whole administration knew the day after it was terror. but for the president to say yesterday that the day after i came out and i said it was terror, that is not true. he was talking generally in the rose garden about it. one other thing, when was it first defined as terrorism? jay carney had an off
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camera gaggle on september 20 in which he said it was terrorism. "the new york times" said is this the first time the administration has in public defined it as terror? he said yes. that's when the "new york times" ran it. meanwhile, there is a new poll out from pew. what do independents think about the handling of the administration and benghazi? 49%, about half the country's independents feel the administration is dishonest, a little less than a third think they are being honest. and about a fifth don't know. what do you think? e-mail us. is the administration being honest about this? americans deserve the truth. forget about politics. we just want the truth. what do you think? >>brian: or use twitter. we're still going to talk about the i.r.s. and still going to talk about the a.p., which is fascinating as this thing unfolds. >> we told you about the justice department secretly swiping reporter's records. up next, the former attorney general under
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president h.w. bush next. >>gretchen: a gitmo detainee cries foul this more than. he says he's been abandoned by the president. by the president. we'll tell you why. join us at [ male announcer ] start with a dodge dart. now give it a "tiger shark" engine and 41 mpg.
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>>steve: the department of justice has secretly swiped two months' worth of associated press phone records. the a.p. calls it a massive intrusion. so who would have had to sign off on this? and would this have happened under the george w. bush administration or george h.w. bush president? let's talk to george terwilliger. good morning. let's start out with this question. something of this nature, wouldn't the attorney general of the united states, eric holder, have had to sign off on this? >> under current department of justice, that's right. although he can delegate that authority to, say, for example. the deputy attorney general. >>steve: you think this is a pretty big deal, don't you? >> it is a big deal because it obviously is a rather unprecedented sweep of journalistic phone records, which most equally obviously can have a chilling effect on the
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rights of those journalists and that news organization to gather the news. but, on the other hand, it's also a serious national security leak investigation that was prompted by outcries from congress to begin with. >>steve: for folks who don't understand quite what the story is about, the associated press got wind last year that apparently there had been foiled this attempt, new underwear bomber with a new improved detonating device in his underpants. they were going to try to blow up another airplane. a.p. called the federal government for comment, and they said we're not going to talk about it and in fact could you hold off on this story because of national security interests. they did hold off until the administration revealed what exactly had happened. but then -- and this is the part that's tricky, george -- as soon as they realized, hey, wait a minute, somebody in the government is talking, they went and asked for the a.p.'s records. that is scary. >> well, it is scary unless
3:19 am
there really was no alternative, which i'm sure is one of the factors that had to be examined. the fact of the matter is here that there will be a tremendous price to be paid and is being paid by the justice department and the administration for taking this step. what we don't know yet really and aren't in a position to make a final judgment about is whether it's justified or not. >>steve: you nope that there are reporters now in -- you know there are reporters now in washington, d.c. who are thinking over the last year or two did i make any phone calls that the d.o.j. might have wanted to snoop on my phone records? >> there is no question about that. but let's remember this investigation is not directed at the journalists. journalists get a pass in leaked cases for the most part. what this is directed at is someone who violated the law in their oath of office by apparently disclosing very sensitive classified information that may have put an existing source, for example, in danger.
3:20 am
>>steve: but they're going after the press nonetheless. george terwilliger iii, thank you very much. what do you think about that? scandal number two. e-mail us at >> meanwhile national security advisor tom donilon was the first to brief the president the night of the benghazi attack. where has he been since? one of the most decorated members of the military with suggestions on why he's been kept out of the spotlight. >> want to get to the front of the lines in disney world? who doesn't. just hire a handicapped person. it's happening. it's happening. and the details disgusting. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? and now today, i see this in the news.
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>>gretchen: quick headlines. a suspected terrorist complaining about the inhumane conditions at guantanamo bay. a yemeni prisoner held more than ten years says he feels abandoned by president obama who promised to close but has not. >> lawyers for kobe bryant will be in federal court today to try to keep his own mother from auctioning over $1 million worth of his memorabilia. bryant says they don't belong to her. she says he gave her permission to settle it. can't they settle this at home instead of the courts? i guess not. brian. >>brian: former secretary of state hillary clinton, ambassador susan rice, even president obama taking heat for the benghazi attacks if you believe there is a "there" there. but where is national security advisor tom donilon? he was the first to brief the president and has been kept quiet since. our next guest has an idea
3:25 am
why. lieutenant colonel dan hampton wrote a book called "viper pilot." what is your best estimate on why we haven't seen someone like that on the talk shows front and center like condoleezza rice when she had that spot. >> if you screwed something like that of that magnitude, would you talk about it? >>brian: i would demand it. >> his boss is barack obama and through him hillary clinton. between the three of them, who knows. >>brian: the night it happens, we don't really know what the president did after the early evening. we don't know who was in the situation room making the calls, if anyone. we do know this. former secretary of defense gates over the weekend weighed in and said if you want to talk about once the riots happened, i wouldn't. if i was in charge, i wouldn't have recommended the president send an f-16 or f-22 out there to buzz the area or help out the guys who would eventually lose their lives. >> the idea is to see the problem coming and react intelligently which they
3:26 am
didn't do, which would be in advance use u.s. fleets, navy jets in the gulf, the air force if they have to. a lot of people are saying they could have flown in from av i ano in italy. there is an air force 450 miles away. a fighter jet may not be the best answer to an urban situation but it is a deterrent. >>brian: here you are in a fighter jet 400 miles away. what gates said i know there are fighter missiles on the ground in libya. i don't want to put my guys in danger. what's your reaction? >> i would laugh at him, say i'm a fighter pilot used to risks. send me. >>brian: what sticks out to you is the lack of planning in an unsettled situation not to have a way to help our guys on 9/11, on a day that matters for the rest of the world and obviously because it
3:27 am
matters to us. >> the whole thing stinks. i think it turned out that there was a memo or a cable from hillary clinton with her signature on it reducing the amount of security in benghazi six months before all this happened. she's claiming she never saw it. why should that surprise anybody? >>brian: an f-16 can rattle people on the ground and disburse a crowd. >> it could. but the fighters would have helped. >>brian: you would go into an unsettled situation? >> i've done it all my life. >>brian: lieutenant colonel dan hampton, thanks for your service and thanks for putting that book together. by the way you dress up real good without consultant. i like your tie. you did it on your own had you worn one. >> turns ahead the i.r.s. as the targeting scandal did run deeper than we actually thought. now word they may be leaking information about what they found.
3:28 am
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>>gretchen: it is 6:31, almost 6:32 on the east coast. another huge story today. that has to do with i.r.s. and the looking into conservative groups trying to get 501-c-4 status. these inquiries came out of the cincinnati, midwest office of the i.r.s. but could it have been those underlings been the ones who directed the i.r.s. now it turns out it maybe washington or probably are most likely washington connections to this. what should be the end result? should the person in charge of the i.r.s. now step down from position? it is now occurring to many people he's known since 2012 this was going on. >>brian: it's almost a joke. he said a long time ago cincinnati was in control of looking into the tax-exempt organizations. they did it. we'll get to the bottom of
3:33 am
it. we'll talk to the slowest learner. when the hearings start on friday, we'll have someone let go. many organizations reporting this goes all the way to washington. it is much bigger than that. you have to wonder whose agenda it is for. the president outraged yesterday. no doubt about it. the i.r.s. can't be doing this. i'm offended by it. it is amazing, there is no example of an organization looking for that tax-exempt status that flies against or for his party like media matters, where they're being investigated. everyone on the same page go after the groups with freedom in the title, with tea party in the title, with patriot in the title. that's just the start. >>steve: when we first heard about this story on friday, and we heard it's low-level employees just in the cincinnati office. not true. there are apparently people in the d.c. office. also there are two california locations as well. laguna nigel.
3:34 am
it is not low-level people because the acting commissioner himself has said i knew about it last year. that part of the story not true. in the meantime not only apparently is the i.r.s. targeting groups, does look as if they have leaked out some of the information to various organizations. for instance, in december of 2012, propublica got a copy of the application for tax-exempt status for crossroads g.p.s. which is karl rove's outfit. and it was from the same i.r.s. office in cincinnati which sent propublica applications for 31 different groups. that stuff is supposed to be secret until it's finalized. it hasn't been finalized. it looks like in addition to targeting, they're leaking as well. >>gretchen: that would be criminal? this would become a criminal organization. it is the application for marriage is accusing the i.r.s. of leaking its
3:35 am
confidential applications to an point. also the ko*ebg brothers could be involved in this. americans for prosperity are claiming it was indirectly targeted in 2010. the coch brothers have been conservative targets of the attacks of many organizations, the patriot and tea party organizations. mitch mcconnell is looking into this. here is his quote. >> the obama effort to shut up opponents isn't limited to the i.r.s. it applies to the f.e.c. the obama campaign last year published a list of eight business men who it believed were enemies. >>steve: yesterday the president said if somebody at the i.r.s. did that, it is outrageous. the i.r.s. has already apologized. the president did say he first heard about it on friday when it hit the news. that is extraordinary because jay carney told reporters that the white house counsel was informed
3:36 am
on april 22, which is 20 days before. a big scandal. and they didn't tell the boss, the president of the united states? that is either incompetence on the part of the white house counsel not telling the boss about something big like that or simply they're not being honest. >>brian: hearings start on friday in the house in front of the ways and means committee. >> meanwhile at 24 before the top of the hour. >>gretchen: a shocking announcement overnight, angelina jolie revealing she underwent a double mastectomy. she made the decision after finding out she carries the mutation of the brca-1 gene. that increases her risk of getting breast cancer by 87%. her mother died of cancer. jolie's surgery hitting close to home for dioguardi. >> i am going to undergo a
3:37 am
mastectomy. i think it freaks people out because they say are you crazy, going to take your breast off? it's taking healthy tissue off and reconstructing it. and i think my boobs are going to look even better. >>gretchen: you can catch my interview with kara dioguardi at 7 a.m. this morning. >>steve: reconstruction on the seaside heights roller coaster in new jersey. it went right into the atlantic ocean after hurricane saepbd. they say -- sandy. they say it will take four days to demolish it completely. today prince harry is going to meet with governor chris christie. >>brian: forget the speed pass. get to the front of the line at disney by hiring a handicapped tour guide. "the new york post" reported some wealthy manhattan moms are doing just that, having people
3:38 am
from dream tours florida pretend to be family members, and then you get to the front of the line because the person's handicapped. a little girl waiting only a minute to get on "it's a small world" while others waited more than two hours. it's overrated. the black market disney guides run $130 an hour. the man who runs the tour company denies the claim. disney has not commented. that's terrible. >>steve: check this out. nasa capturing two great big solar flames erupting off the sun. the most powerful of the year, the sun is reaching its most active phase right now. this is something our meteorologist, maria molina studied back in the day. right now today she's out on the street. >> solar flares are very cool and nasa uses special equipment to capture those beautiful images you saw on your screen. i think the easiest way to
3:39 am
think about what a solar flare is is to think about what the sun is made of, hydrogen and helium. we think of it as a big ball of gas and does release energy. sometimes you get concentrated energy at solar flares. you can see a couple of those in one day. as far as the weather goes, you're going to be wishing you had a little bit of heat across parts of the northeast. we're waking up to widespread frost advisors advisors -- advisories across the region. during the afternoon you will remain below average, low 60's in new york city, 67 for your high temperature in cleveland. much warmer as you head farther west. in minneapolis you're going to reach a high temperature at 93 degrees. look at north pla it te. close to 100 degrees in parts of the north central. steve, tkpwre khrepb and brian. -- steve, gretchen and brian. >>gretchen: nascar is a
3:40 am
male dominated sport but one women is a member of the pit crew. >>brian: welcome. what got you into this? >> they put a pit gun in my hands and told me to play and i had a blast. >>brian: it was one gun they put in your hand? >> we did a pit challenge about a year and a half ago, and we jacked the car through on tires and also took will you go -- took lug nuts off the tires. i had a great time. >>gretchen: you did it in quick fashion. we're looking at a video of you working out. you can dead lift 255 pounds, which is more than double your body wait. you can also bench an incredible amount of weight. you have to be fit to do this kind of job; right? >> you definitely do have to be fit and you have to dial in your skill
3:41 am
technique. >>brian: you did cross fit in your time in baghdad in iraq set you up for this success? >> that's right. i found cross fit when i was working overseas as a civilian contractor and haven't looked back since. i started in 2006 in cross fit. i was not an athlete before i discovered cross fit. i didn't play sports in high school or college and cross fit developed me into an athlete and that's how i discovered nascar. >>brian: do guys accept you? >> the guys are great. they really are encouraging. just for the record, we're not sure if i'm the first woman or not, but it is a pretty incredible feat to be able to come out and play with guys of this caliber. >>gretchen: how is it going to change the image? say you're one of the very first few women if we're going to be safe to say that. how is it going to transcend the sport? >> i really think this message is getting a lot of publicity because it's
3:42 am
opening the door that if you want it, it's there for you to take. and it's quite an incredible sport. people that come in are extremely high-level caliber athletes. they're recruiting from the nfl draft. they're recruiting from previous prosports. so it's -- and then of course on my side, from somebody that was not an athlete, it's still there. you just need to take the time and hone in the skills and develop the strength. it's pretty incredible. >>brian: you have to be able to perform under pressure and be very fit and strong. you are all that. christmas abbott, thanks for joining us this morning. >>gretchen: we told you about the i.r.s. going after conservative groups, about what about other tax-exempt groups like media matters? you know the groups whose mission is to take down fox news. the judge takes that one next. >>brian: the navy stepping into the drone age. details on the huge step in the war on terror.
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>>brian: quick headlines. the u.s. navy will launch a drone from an aircraft carrier for the first time today. today's launch is on the george h.w. bush carrier. it has a range of more than 2,700 nautical miles.
3:47 am
michael douglas wants to know why it took doctors nine months to find his cancer. the walnut-sized tumor on the back of his tongue in 2010, it took them nine months. he has since recovered and looks great. >>steve: the i.r.s. gave groups like media matters a pass, but they are going along after these guys? the tea party patriots. judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analysts, joins us to weigh in. the i.r.s. has been targeting conservative groups because they had things in their name like tea party and patriots and things like that? >> this is profoundly wrong under the constitution and under federal law. as former vice president cheney said last night, it's hard to imagine that something of this magnitude was concocted by some low-level, entry-level i.r.s. employee. >>steve: we know in fact the boss there knew about it a year ago. >> here's the violation. the constitution says the government has to follow
3:48 am
the equal protection principle which means it must treat similarly situated entities in a similar way. if it's going to scrutinize -- for example, americans for prosperity very aggressively, it has to scrutinize media matters aggressively. it has to scrutinize all entities in that same category with the same level of scrutiny. the first amendment is also violated because the first amendment prohibits the government from making decisions based on the content of speech, and it is clear here that the government, the i.r.s., has decided to upgrade the level of scrutiny of certain groups applying for tax exemptions based upon their message, based upon the content of their speech. and the first amendment was written to prevent the government from doing that. >>steve: what it looks like is they went after right winnerrers -- wingers and exempted left wingers, and that's your problem? >> correct. if there is a problem with
3:49 am
an application, they didn't put in the names of people who made contributions. >>steve: they were giving family members -- >> if there is a problem with an application, they can look into it. but to demand more information from one set of applicants because you disagree with their message than you demand from others who are seeking a similar or identical exemption is prohibitive. guess what? congress doesn't allow the i.r.s. agents who did this to be prosecuted or to be sued and it doesn't allow the i.r.s. to be sued. the only remedy is political. kick them and their bosses out of office. >>steve: oh man. >> a lot of laws would have to be changed to prevent this from happening again. >>steve: judge napolitano, thank you very much. meanwhile, up to 400%. that's how much your insurance premiums could rise under obamacare. that's coming from the nation's top insurance companies. the stunning new numbers coming your way. you might want to sit down. he's known for his antics
3:50 am
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>> a new raw memoir by tennis legend jimmy connors is serving up grand slams about his life on and off the court from his struggles from o.c.d. to problems to gambling and he's telling us in a new book. >>brian: author of the book "the outsider: a memoir." you had a life, anything but easy.
3:54 am
first off, the true role of your mom. >> certainly my mother gave me everything. i wouldn't be sitting here today if it wasn't for her and giving me the opportunity to play tennis. >>steve: she was the dragon lady, known as the dragon lady. >> fairly or unfairly, i think the jury is still out about that. that was back in the 1960's when i first came up and started winning. a woman's role in that was not right. >>steve: i remember when you were playing. i wound up getting a knockoff version of your fancy racket. that racket of yours changed everything. everybody had to have that. i had no idea you had a problem with gambling. at one point you got a $60,000 check at a tournament at caesar's. what did you do with it? >> it didn't quite make it out of there was the problem. i was always looking for something more. i thought i had enough with tennis and tennis was really everything in my life. but when you're chasing some feeling that you felt that you needed to do more and you wanted that nonstop
3:55 am
feeling in your stomach, even if it was just for two or three seconds, it just got out of control. tennis gave me that, but sometimes it wasn't enough. >>brian: do you believe you got the most out of your ability? >> yeah, i did. every time i walked out there i did. i left everything out there. i don't have one what if. what if i trained harder, played more. >>brian: where did the heart come from in your game? >> from the beginning. mostly where i was brought up. the kind of upbringing i had, being around my mother, grandmother, my grandfather who was a boxer. the jump rope and the lessons learned. also an incident that happened with my mother back when we were kids, that just kind of sad that if she can go through that and handle that and still get up the next day and play tennis with her two boys, then playing a five-setter is not a big thing. >>steve: it is a little harder for you to get up
3:56 am
these days after those years on the court. you've had three hip replacements? >> i have. >>steve: you've only got two hips. >> i had the metal on metal and some problems that arose out of that. but i'm not the only one -flt there's thousands of people that have gone through that and had to deal with it. i'm back playing tennis now and even a little golf, which is fun. >>brian: you must be using sun screen because you look like you're not getting any older. it's all chronicled. you have john mcenroe in here. it's all in the book. thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. >>steve: the book is called "the outsider." >>brian: because he was but he isn't anymore. >> killing eagles is a federal crime, so why are wind farms getting a pass while big oil gets prosecuted? is the white house playing favorites. doesn't sound like the white house. >>steve: jack bauer is
3:57 am
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that attract and lock up to two times more dust than a feather duster. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. and now swiffer dusters refills are available with the fresh scent of gain. nonresponsive. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, may 14. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your day with us. shocking news out of hollywood. angelina jolie revealing she had a double mastectomy. why she made that decision coming up. >> brian: and in a move recalling the nixon white house days, the justice department secret recording phones at the associated press. did the attorney general holder allow that? >> steve: they got a list of all the phone calls that were made. meanwhile, he's the man behind a deadly attack on fort hood, but the white house still not calling him an enemy of the state. tea party patriots are targeted by the government. who is the real threat there? "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts immediately.
4:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hopefully you had a good monday. major news, three big stories that we're focusing on today. we'll get to those in just a moment. first some headlines. bombshell admission from a list actress angelina jolie underwasn't double mastectomy. she carries a gene that increases her risk for cancer. as a result, her chances of developing cancer now less than 5%. she made the announcement in an article saying i wanted to write this to tell other women that the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy, but it is one i am very happy that i made. i can tell my children that they don't need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer. her mother died of ovarian cancer at the young age of 56.
4:02 am
angelina is 37 years old. it happened over three months at the pink lotus breast center in california. the irs scandal growing faster by the day now. new reports this morning despite what the irs claimed it was well-known in washington that the tea party and other conservative groups were being targeted by the agency. the irs is blaming it on low level employees in cincinnati. former vice president dick cheney says no way. >> it would require, i would think, because of the activity of it, someone high up to sign off on it and apparently fairly senior people appearing now had known for two years. it's one of the most egregious abuse of power that i can think of. >> gretchen: president obama denies it. the house ways and means committee will hold a hearing coming up this friday. a saudi man will be in federal court later today after being arrested at detroit
4:03 am
metropolitan airport with a pressure cooker in his luggage. that's the same device used in last month's boston bombings. investigators say he lied to customs agents and his passport was missing a page. >> god forbid they didn't check this out and this was a dry run and the next one is a bomb, then you'd be questioning the u.s. government the way they acted. >> gretchen: u.s. officials say they were handling the incident as a document case and not pursuing any terrorism charges. it's official, jack bower is back and jumping for joy. >> i want to explain everything. >> steve: never gets old. >> gretchen: that was real actor. but guess what? he's signing on for more "24". fox bringing back the hit show as a 12-episode series. the original concept, a story that plays out in real time over a 24 hour period will stay
4:04 am
intact. producers will skip some hours and condense others to fit into the 24 hour format. it will pick up where the other series left off. >> brian: why stop it if you're going to bring it back? >> gretchen: i think people missed it. maybe other programming didn't work out. >> steve: yeah. plus issues it was puzzling, when exactly does he fill up his car, make a pit stop? >> gretchen: speak of some other big news going on, the president finally spoke out in a press conference with prime minister david cameron. he took two questions. he called benghazi when he was ironically asked that question right off the bat, he was asked about the irs and benghazi. he called it a side show and says calling for an investigation dishonors the victims. here is the president. >> the whole issue of talking points frankly throughout this
4:05 am
process has been a side show. keep in mind, by the way, these so-called talking points that were prepared for susan rice five, six days after the event occurred pretty much matched the assessments that i was receiving at that time in my presidential daily briefing. so the whole thing defies logic. we've got a whole bunch of people in the state department who consistently say i'm willing to step up. i'm willing to put myself in harm's way. so we dishonor them when we turn things like to that thank into a political circus. >> brian: it's only a political circus because the president of the united states did not oversee the clear conclusions that the c.i.a. put forward from his intelligence. when you have 12 revisions of talking points minimum, when they change, when the people of the united states don't get the
4:06 am
right conclusions from their government, i think that's dishonoring. i have think the fact that the press is pushing to get out the truth, i think that is honoring. and then to dishonor is to not name the people that actually killed those people, to not pursue them, to not bring them to justice, still investigating, the way he's investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria. we're still looking into it. bottom line is i don't think you should be insulting people that are looking to find out what led up to the conclusions the president made that give so many different answers to who did this on 9-11-12. the c.i.a. says i had intercepts, i heard these guys taking credit to each other. i put it out there. then it got changed when it went to state department back and forth to the white house. why is there no there there? there is plenty there. >> steve: absolutely. the room was full of reporters yesterday and they would love to have asked the follow-up, but it was one of those unchallenged questions 'cause i'm only going to take the one. but if it was a side show, just keep in mind, it was this
4:07 am
administration that has written the script because they're the ones that wrote the talking points over and over. lindsey graham, senator from south carolina, not buying the president's spin. >> spin me once, shame on you. spin me twice, shame on me. does the president of the united states really believe that the american people are going to buy the story he told today, that he called benghazi a terrorist attack from the get-go? his administration for weeks after the attack, tried to convince the american people there was no al-qaeda involvement. this was a spontaneous riot caused by hateful video generated in the united states and there was no preplanned terrorist attack. we're not stupid in america and we're going to keep pushing. >> steve: we deserve the truth. >> gretchen: now the latest report is that they may subpoena hillary clinton to come back and testify again. here is the other big story today. that is that did the department of justice secretly seize associated press phone records
4:08 am
over a two-month period back in 2010 when it had to do with a story of foiled terror plot in yemen from 2010? the ap was asked to quash that story until other details, until the government got things in order. there was a government source that gave the ap the story. so the department of justice wanted to find out who that source might be, so they went and secretly looked into the records of the employees at the associated press. >> brian: 20 reporters in particular to see if their phone logs would reveal who inside the white house was leaking out information. it she had we had a double agent inside a yemeni cell that enabled us to thwart a terrorist attack on the day that bin laden was killed. they wanted to make the announcement. it was stopped by the press. they wanted to find out the leak. so they went ahead of the at. >> steve: jay carney was asked, why is this administration going
4:09 am
after the ap? he says, other than press reports, we have no knowledge of any attempt by the department of justice to seek phone records of the a.p. we, the white house, are not involved in decisions made with that. the question is whether or not in something that rises to this magnitude, with the attorney general of the united states eric holder have to sign off on getting the phone records from the associated press. here is the former deputy attorney general george teriliger who joined us one hour ago. >> on the internal justice department rules, that's right, steve, although he can delegate that authority to say, for example, the deputy attorney general. it is a big deal because it obvious israeli a rather unprecedented sweep of journalistic phone records, which most equally obviously can have a chilling effect on the rights of those journalists and that news organization to gather the news.
4:10 am
but on the other hand, it's also a serious national security leak investigation that was prompted by outcries from congress to begin with. the fact of the matter is here, that there will be a tremendous price to be paid and is being paid by the justice department and the administration for taking this step. what we don't know yet really, and aren't in a position to make a final judgment about, is whether it's justified or not. >> steve: that's a good point. remember, the leaker would be the bad actor, the person who leaks the stuff. that's the person they should go after. but instead what they're doing is they're going after the reporters and the editors. >> brian: they're trying to find out maybe who the leaker is by going after the editor. >> steve: no. they're end running it. the big question is -- >> brian: the bottom line is they're doing this without their permission. the secretary of state is not in charge of benghazi. the president is not in charge of anything. is everybody running crazy
4:11 am
without checking with their bosses? >> gretchen: you have to wonder if there is other news organizations that we'll find out their records were being looked into. >> steve: brian, when i called you yesterday, i could have sworn i heard somebody breathing in the background. >> brian: that's my mom. she does not trust me. >> steve: all right. it is now 7-11 in new york city. he is accused of gunning down 13 soldiers at fort hood and the white house won't call nidal malik hasan an enemy of the state. but the tea party? targeted. who is the real threat to america? army sergeant who took three bullets has the answer. he's next. >> gretchen: and killing eagles is a federal crime. is so why are wind farms getting a pass while big oil gets prosecuted? is the white house playing favorites? we will report and you can decide aaah! aaaaah!
4:12 am
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4:15 am
>> gretchen: three-year after nidal malik hasan's rampage in fort hood, the obama administration still will not classify hasan as an enemy of the state. meantime, tea party patriots and conservative groups have been deliberately targeted by the irs. so why are they considered a national threat? joining me now kimberly, the former department of the army federal police sergeant and fort hood victim who was shot three times. good morning to you, sergeant. >> good morning. >> gretchen: first of all, i want to get an update on your medical condition.
4:16 am
you were shot in the hand and twice in the leg. how are you doing? have you made a full recovery? >> as full as i'm going to get. i have a lot of limitations from having a knee replacement prosthetic put in, but doing well. >> gretchen: good to hear that. what do you make of this juxtaposition of nidal malik hasan in the being called an enemy of the state, but the tea party being investigated by the irs? >> it's disgraceful. i don't understand why the administration continues to call this workplace violence when we've already had the boston bombings, they were called terrorists. however, it's not going to affect his trial. 9-11, the killers were called terrorists and it didn't affect their trial seven, eight years later. so how is it going to affect nidal malik hasan's trial by deeming it an act of terrorism, which is what it was? >> gretchen: there are so many ram if i cautions of not call -- ramifications of not calling it what many people believe it truly is, such as medical care for people like yourself, one of the 13 who -- 13 died, but
4:17 am
others, countless others were injured. how does it affect the medical payments by calling it workplace violence versus terror? >> the ones in the military, i was federal police at the time, but ones in the military that got hurt and injured, not just by bullets, but even by having ptsd from this day, from the incident, they're not receiving the benefits as if they were to be injured in a combat zone. or injured in 9-11. so they are out of the army, they pretty much got kicked out of the army. they're having to pay out of pocket for medical care. so if it were to be reclassified as a terrorist attack, then they would be entitled to full medical benefits and not have to pay out of pocket and be also entitled to the purple heart award. >> gretchen: exactly. we've covered that here on the program. they will not be entitled to receive that honor. i want to take a look at a snippet of a video that's been put together from the victims of
4:18 am
fort hood. >> i still have a bullet in my thigh, still have a bullet in my back. >> on a good day i can walk. on a bad day, i'm in a wheelchair. >> we got a band-aid >> it's difficult enough -- >> gretchen: that's available on a web site now, the truth about fort hood. when you see other fellow comrades speaking about their injuries, what do you think? >> well, i know all of them. we speak frequently. we formed a coalition as a family to keep together and to keep up with each other and to fight this battle that we're going to win eventually. it hurts me to see them suffer to this day. the truth about fort is where anyone and everyone can hear their personal stories and the mistreatment they've received from the army and the military and from the government. >> gretchen: is it true you filed a lawsuit claiming the
4:19 am
government is wrongly classifying this? >> yes, ma'am. >> gretchen: where does that stand? >> we won't even be talked to until after trial. >> gretchen: they're waiting for nidal malik hasan's trial? >> yes, ma'am. >> gretchen: which has now been cleared to start, the judge recently said we're not going to delay this anymore. >> yes, ma'am. >> gretchen: so when do you think that you will find justice with your lawsuit? >> it's not so much the justice with the lawsuit. they keep to their promise and entertain the reclassification after trial, then i will rest peacefully because it happened on my watch and i'm fighting an advocate for the victims. so i won't stop until they get what they actually deserve. >> gretchen: and you were there at the scene, so you can tell all of our viewers that you heard nidal malik hasan say what as he was doing the shooting? >> well, i arrived after he was out of sight of that building. but from numerous witnesses that he yelled allah akbar and began shooting.
4:20 am
when we arrived on scene, he was continuing to shoot soldiers outside trying to get away and shooting at sergeant todd and myself. >> gretchen: sergeant kimberly, thank you so much of your testimony of what happened that day and what you're doing to try and search for the right answers. thank you. next up, up to 400%, that's how much your insurance premiums could rise. 400% under obamacare. the stunning new numbers are coming your way. and these tiger cubs have never been around people before. next we're live with jack hannah as they undergo their first checkup. expect the claws to come out. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, like me,
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers. between 100 and 400%. that's how much more your insurance premiums may cost because of obamacare. 17 insurance companies, including aetna and blue cross, blue shield, say it's because of new regulations, taxes and fees. next, $10 million. that's how much jennifer lopez paid for the privacy of that new hamptons mansion here in new york state. it has eight bedrooms, a theater, and a sauna. finally, 103 pounds. that's how much the world's largest cod weighs. a fisherman reeled it in off the coast of norway. breaking a 44-year record. all right. >> brian: congratulations to everyone except the cod who paid the price. in march the columbus zoo welcomed a few new furry friends. four siberian tigers.
4:25 am
there are 150 of them in zoos across north texas america and this little guy has never been exposed to people until now. >> gretchen: joining us is jack hannah. good morning to you again, jack. >> good morning. what you guys are seeing is a first time in the history of this city, we'd babies last year, but the mother kept these for eight weeks. one of the rarest cats in the world. it's a siberian tiger. largest of the cat species. they're seeing if it's a male or female, checking its eyes, going to give it distemper shots. you can see right now, he hasn't been exposed to humans. >> steve: you can tell that. i know the mother tiger is freaking out off stage. why is this tiger snarling? because he's being sexed or he just doesn't like the people? >> no, he just hasn't seen people. the mother is fine, by the way. but she has four of these animals and right now they're sexting the animal, as you can
4:26 am
see. and also what they're going to do here with the animal is put a microchip in it because it's in a species survival plan. so it has to have a chip in the back. this cat can end up in a breeding program, somewhere it could be in asia, europe, australia, we don't really know where it will end up at. >> gretchen: do you typically, jack, do all this while obviously the cubs are awake? you don't have to put them out to do these things? >> no. we don't have to put them down. you see another cub coming in now. they're trying to do this and get them back with the mom as quickly as possible. some of these cats, we do say some at an earlier age for education. she's four. in the wild, four of these animals probably wouldn't survive. so right now these vets and our staff, the ones that do a great job because they have to check on these animals, physicals once a year. but they're a beautiful animal. and right now they're being
4:27 am
actually the reason they're endangered and almost extinct in the wild, they were used in asia for a lot of body parts, medicines, things like in a. i'm sorry to say it's still going on. >> brian: will they ever be let go? >> these animals won't go back in the wild. they'll be going to other zoological parks. the answer is yes, hopefully some day, who know when is that will be. the animals will some day go back in the wild. that's a goal we all have. >> gretchen: what are you doing with that device? is that the chip? >> yep. they're looking in their ear, noses, checking the sexes and eyes, everything because it's eight weeks -- you can imagine, this animal, about two years might weigh 200 something pounds in another year. >> adults weigh under 300 pounds. mom and dad range about 300 pounds. we would expect her to be this size. >> yeah. about 300 pounds very shortly.
4:28 am
>> steve: jack, i think it's brilliant you're keeping the animals at the zoo rather than have brian release them here in downtown manhattan. >> brian: or adopt them. >> that's exactly what we thought because they saw how well you did with the cobra. >> brian: jack, i saw mik tyson, the documentary, and they had a tiger and they seemed happy with it. you would not recommend i get a tiger? >> no. i know "hangover" had a tiring in it, but i wouldn't recommend you get one whether or not because you wouldn't have no hangover. >> gretchen: 'cause you wouldn't be around to know about it. jack hannah, thank you so much for giving us an inside peek at your vet clinic going on there today in columbus. >> you're the first. these guys make it happen. >> steve: thanks for revealing to us that you keep tigers in tupperware. who knew? >> brian: keeps them fresh. they look young. >> steve: just burp the top. >> gretcheeeping, a shocking ren from actress angelina jolie.
4:29 am
she had mastectomy. >> brian: and they have a symbol of american freedom. why are wind farms getting a pass when eagles get stuck in their mills and dry and big oil gets prosecuted k9 aantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks, it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick tt isn't repeed or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii!
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4:33 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: proud mom moment for a minute. this is my nine-year-old daughter who was able to be on governor huckabee's show over the weekend and it's all about a piano recital that she wanted to give in honor of the children who were killed in newtown, connecticut last december. she has been able to learn 11 classical pieces and her teacher said, hey, you need to do a recital and she said i want it to have some meaning. she has decided to raise money for two charities for katherine
4:34 am
hubbard, who was killed in newtown, and she always wanted to have an animal sanctuary. her family is trying to make that a reality. it's the animal and for grace mcdonald, an artist. she can be found with her organization at it will be a tribute to those two little girls coming up this weekend. thank you, governor huckabee. >> steve: somebody has been taking some lessons. they are very, very good. >> gretchen: well, you know, my mom always told me to make the most of your talents and especially in a positive way to give back to the community and i hope i'm teaching my children what i think is one of life's most important lessons, to give back. >> steve: very nice. meanwhile, on this tuesday, we have headlines for you and we start with a fox news alert. reports coming, american citizen has been detained in russia. officials there claim ryan fogel, a secretary at our embassy, is a c.i.a. agent. he's accused of trying to recruit a russian intelligence
4:35 am
officer. he allegedly had disguises, large amount of cash, and high-tech equipment when he was captured and detained. at this hour, the u.s. embassy not commenting. >> gretchen: o. j. simpson expected to take the stand as early as today. he says his lawyers botched his defense in a 2008 vegas armed robbery case. now he wants a new trial. a much bigger simpson appeared in the las vegas courtroom. he has ballooned to 270 pounds apparently behind bars. he was convicted back in 2008, being behind bars, taking a toll. check out these photos. here he is yesterday compared to the middle picture in 2008. on the far right in 1995, the day he was acquitted of his ex-wife's murder. >> brian: yesterday we saw prime minister david cameron meet with the president talk being a free trade deal. he wanted to make sure to stop by boston not only to give those -- pause for those who lost their lives and the 200 plus wounded, but also to study the site, there appearing with
4:36 am
the governor, so he's seen there talking to them. also about what exactly took place a couple of weeks ago here in the u.s. because they study this like we study theirs after their attacks 'cause they suffered the london bombings, many of which took place in subways and buses. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, when protected birds like eagles are killed because of oil or power companies, the obama administration considers it a federal crime and prosecutes. did you know that? a new associated press investigation shows the administration has never fined or prosecuted the owner of a wind farm despite more than 573,000 birds being killed by those wind turbines every year. the obama administration pushed a $1 billion a year tax break for wind farms. the administration denies any special treatment. >> gretchen: big announcement,
4:37 am
angelina jolie revealing she has already had a double mastectomy. she carries a mutation of a gene that increases her risk of getting breast cancer by 87%. her mother died of cancer. her scare hitting close to home for another well-known person, cara dioguardi, the former "american idol" judge had to make that difficult decision. i had a chance to sit down with her to talk about it. she is a hit hinger and reality judge. but this year, cara dioguardi adam shapiro special title to that list, what i consider the most important job in the world which is mom. in january she and husband mike welcomed son grayson james. a serious health concern nearly threatened her happy ending and she's sharing her difficult journey to motherhood in hopes to save other lives. she's my guest today. good to see you. >> good to see you, too.
4:38 am
>> gretchen: people knew you from "american idol" and your singing and composing. but they never knew that you were struggling with this infertility first and foremost. and then the next bombshell, which was what? >> well, i realized that i had a gene, brca 2, that puts me at a risk of 80%, 70 to 80% in my lifetime for breast cancer and about 20 to 40 for ovarian cancer. so, you know, in other words, i knew there was a really strong possibility i would be developing cancer in my lifetime. >> gretchen: you knew that not only from being tested, but from your own family history, right? >> right. actually i had heard a reporter in new york, stacy, talk about her own family history. she was doing a report on it and i was doing stuff around apartment where i was staying and i thought, oh, my gosh, that
4:39 am
sounds like my family history. and i started really tuning in to the report and i thought, i better get this test done. and i went and got the test done and i was positive. >> gretchen: you had the gene, so you made that big decision, even though you were trying to have a baby, to have a hysterectomy. >> well, i knew i had to have the hysterectomy, a complete hysterectomy, by as early as i could because they really tell you to do it before the age of 40. but i was trying to have a child. so i always thought in the back of my mind i would not be able to carry the child and i was lucky enough to find someone to do that for me. and i just feel it's really important to come out and talk about it because 90% of the people who have this gene don't even know about it. and this reporter may have saved my life and i don't want to see my own son go through what i went through with my mother. >> gretchen: you want to be around for him. >> yeah. >> gretchen: it brings me to the next question, which is 80% chance with this gene you might get breast cancer. have you made that personal
4:40 am
decision? >> i have. i am going to undergo a mastectomy and i think it really freaks people out 'cause they say, are you crazy? you're going to take your breasts off? but it's taking healthy tissue off and reconstructing it and actually, i think my boobs are going to look even better. [ laughter ] i'm really looking forward to it. i'm treating it like a free boob job, how is that? >> gretchen: that is one way to look at it. the older you get, the more people might be agreeing with you. congratulations on your beautiful child and your marriage and now your health. great to see you. >> steve: big decision. >> brian: yep. now when she september 11th idol, it was a -- left idol, it was a big deal. >> steve: if you're one of the millions of americans out of work, you're not going to want to miss this one. cheryl casone with the five top companies hiring recent grads coming up.
4:41 am
>> brian: and republican senator ron paul calling the benghazi -- rand paul, calling the benghazi probe a political side show and guess who agrees with him? >> the whole issue of this talk points frankly throughout this process has been a side show. >> brian: his own son says not so fast. rand paul joins us live n his ch. but definitely not on his back. whatever style she likes, make sure it looks perfect. trim, shave and edge with the proglide styler. gillette. the best a man can get. coo casone
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
>> brian: top officials coming under fire for targeting and even harassing tea party groups
4:45 am
and conservative americans who dare to criticize government spending and waste. how can they get away with that, you ask? is it safe to say we can still trust our government? joining us is a member of the senate foreign relations committee and homeland security committees, we're talk being kentucky senator rand paul. senator paul, the irs on the loose, but focusing only on tea party affiliated groups. your reaction and you heard about this before this became a big deal. >> yeah. one of the things is i know one of the groups. i've spoken to one of the 9-12 groups inspired by glenn beck in lexington, eric wilson, has a group with thousands of members and they were targeted by the irs. what i find inexcusable is if the president really is outraged by this, someone should lose their job. one of my biggest complaints after 9-11 was with all the intelligence failures and all the failures to look at nidal's
4:46 am
computer, nobody was fired. they're saying, maybe they're not allowed to fire people. what kind of government allows you to not be fired? same with benghazi. no one was ever fired. they were transferred and moved around. government doesn't get any better 'cause we never let anybody go. >> brian: this is getting bigger 'cause it started at w a small cincinnati rogue operation, now it's already in california and now in washington. the at the present timecals are growing. let's look at -- the tentacles are growing. let's look at some of the people. doug shulman, he was a form irs commissioner appointed by bush. two months after he said he had no idea about targeting, he was told in may about it. lois learner, senior irs official, her link to this goes back to 2011. she's running the nonprofit -- excuse me, the tax exempt cincinnati office. should she go? >> i'm not sure who goes, but it surely should be investigated. anybody who was aware of and approved of targeting people for their political beliefs and speech needs to be fired.
4:47 am
never in this position again and made an example of. >> brian: senator, there is no there there. the president of the united states made iesterday, kind of angry, fuming. he says why do you keep on focusing on talking points? that's nothing new. what's your reaction to that? >> on the targeting with -- repeat that again. >> brian: in benghazi yesterday, the president took two questions. one question, but two answers. one was the irs. the other one was about benghazi. he says there is no there there. nothing is new about this. >> what i would say always been biggest to me in benghazi is they asked and pleaded for security in advance, well in advance and it was denied. when ambassador pickering investigated, he said, well, the decisions were made well below hillary clinton. to me, that's the real problem. hillary clinton should have been involved and it is her job as secretary of state to be involved with security in libya. that is not something that she can say, oh, i just never saw the cables. that's exactly why i find her
4:48 am
culpable and why i don't think she was doing her job is that she wasn't reading the pleas for help and letting an underling, if that's true, letting an underling take the fall and make these decisions, but then the underling is not fired either. they were moved around. my guess is if the underling were fired, maybe they'd spill the beans on who actually was in charge of benghazi's security. >> brian: it's so upsetting because in the private setting, ceo is in charge, they pay the price and not lip service. the president not involved, attorney general not involved when it comes to the ap probing of phone calls, and now the irs commissioner is not involved. that was just a rogue operation. but your dad disagrees with you when it comes to benghazi. he says it is a side show and here is the quote. this is congressman ron paul. he says, the real lesson of benghazi will not be learned because neither republicans nor democrats want to hear it. but it's our intervention as foreign policy and its
4:49 am
unintended consequences that created the problems. your reaction? >> my guess is if he were here, he would not say all republicans 'cause i'm sure he wouldn't be including me in that group. but what i would say is that the point is that with libya, and i made the same point, many of the people who wanted to be involved in libya also wanted to support gadhafi with arms the year before and then they were for toppling gadhafi the next year, that this eagerness to get involved in a war sometimes has unintended consequences. i think it's still yet to be determined what happens in libya, whether the government that takes over is more pro-american or less pro-american than the previous government. same exists in egypt and the same exists in syria, while assad is a bad guy in syria, i'm also worried about al-qaeda taking over the country and actually being more enemies of israel than the current regime. >> brian: right. i love what you're doing, trying to get that doctor out that helped us get bin laden. hopefully you won't give up that fight. >> we're working on it, everything we can do, we'll do.
4:50 am
>> brian: great. thanks so much. up next, cheryl casone is here. why? i saw her in the green room. she has the top companies hiring and it involves soccer. first, on this day in 1955, bill haley and the comets had the number one single. after that, "happy days" was created and fonzie was given a leather jacket [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. so we brought back what you loved. added new surprises. and now, you've come back to us. we're speechless. except for two little words. ♪
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4:53 am
>> steve: many new graduates are walk down the aisle, but not into new jobs. more than 16% of young americans right now are out of work. many even admitting they're not even looking for work. there are just no jobs out there. cheryl casone joins us with five top companies hiring right now.
4:54 am
>> it's true. good morning. the millenial generation, 18 to 29, they're effective unemployment rate is sitting at 16.1%. that's a combination of those that are looking and can't find work, plus those that just gave up and quit. they said i'm out. >> steve: for enterprising kids out there, how about the rent a car company? >> enterprise rent a car, they are very much about getting kids in right out of college, the pay is not bad. you can make 30, 40, maybe $50,000 depending on your location. they've got 8500 management trainee positions available and they're look for grads. they want you to be creative, excited. they're look for prospectives. the ceo of this company started at this company in this program at the bottom. and enterprise is probably one of my faith companies for -- favorite companies for grads. >> steve: their world headquarters, down street from where we are. ernst and young? n they need the bean counters. they've got about 6,000 college
4:55 am
graduates in the u.s. alone that they're did hire for fiscal year 2013 that ends in june. they're going to be doing at least the same amount for the next fiscal year. but for fiscal year 2013, that was a 5% increase. so they are growing. i have a pretty strong feeling they're going to be growing even more considering the financial environment that we're in right now, whether it's accounting, whether it's advisory services. and this again, a lot of these grads do become full time. they break it down in one of the did -- of the 6,000, a little over 3,000 were full time. the rest were interns. but the interns can become full time. >> steve: let's talk about brightstar care. >> last week, it was national nursing week, did you know that? 2,000 to 3,000 new graduating. you have to be a nursing major to get into this program. they need geriatric nurse, people that can do research, that's a different type of nurse, occupational health nurses. 258 offices.
4:56 am
36 states. they hired 23,000 people since 2011. you know i believe in the nursing industry and you know they've been hiring. >> steve: lightning round. >> this is basically a cooperative, different store shop right, different things like that. they're basically for the most part hiring in new jersey. i want to be clear about that. but they have jobs in new york, new jersey, pennsylvania. >> steve: and soccer shots. these are jobs for young student athletes. >> i would recommend if you're a kid and you're in school and you're getting a fitness degree, this is great for you. they really want to inspire kids between three to eight years age to build character through the game of soccer. 3 to 400 new grads for the summer, directors, recruiters and instructors, i'm going to put everything on my web site because we can't get it out in three minutes. everything will be on it's tough for grads.
4:57 am
>> steve: thank you very much. straight ahead, three scandals rock the obama administration. we've got two people following them. laura ingraham, bill o'reilly, both join us live other side of a brief timeout years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? and now today, i see this in the news. once again, centrum silver was chosen by researchers for another landmark study. this time looking at eye health. my doctor!
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, may 14, 2013. thanks for spending part of your day with us today. i'm gretchen carlson. there is breaking news out of hollywood. actress angelina jolie revealing that she has had a double mastectomy. what doctors found that led her into the operating room. >> steve: the president breaks his silence on the benghazi talking points. >> the whole issue of talking points frankly throughout this process has been a side show. >> steve: wait a minute, they wrote the talking points. that's just the beginning of the president's problems today. bill o'reilly standing by live in the studio. good morning, prince of pithy. and laura ingraham joins us live from dc shortly. >> brian: i think bill is getting taller. is that possible? the passenger on this plane will
5:01 am
not always love this woman. ♪ we'll always love you >> brian: sounds so much like whitney houston. an entire flight diverted for the love of whitney. she would not stop singing. "fox & friends" starts now. >> you are watching "fox & friends." and i apologize for it. >> gretchen: that entire plane had to make an emergency landing in the middle of america because she wouldn't stop singing? >> brian: unbelievable. >> gretchen: are you kidding me? >> steve: you think it's bad being next to a screaming baby? imagine being next to her. >> gretchen: we need to get o'reilley on that plane. he would shut her up, right, bill? >> steve: i've seen o'reilley on planes. remember the time you broke into the wayne newton tunes? >> so now i'm not allowed to go on the couch? another gimmick.
5:02 am
>> steve: hurry up. we got to do the headlines. >> another like you take consultants to listen up the show. i got to walk over here. >> gretchen: i love it! >> steve: our show more complicated than just one guy. >> brian: can bill stay? i'm sorry, bill, you got to go. >> gretchen: another 100 grand. >> steve: he's got a new book called "keep it pithy." we'll talk to him in a minute. >> him, that's me. >> gretchen: i'm a little nervous to do the headlines now 'cause i think he's irritated. but i'm going to. >> gretchen: a bombshell admission from angelina jolie of the admitting she had a double mastectomy. she made the decision after finding out she carried a mutation of the braca 1 gene that increases her risk of getting breast cancer, 87%. ovarian cancer, 50%. as a result of the procedure, her chances of developing breast cancer at least now less than
5:03 am
5%. she made the announcement in an article saying i wanted to write this to tell other women that the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy, but it is one i'm very happy that i made. i can tell my children that they don't need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer. her mom died of ovarian cancer at the young age of 56. angelina is 37. her mastectomy and reconstruction happened over three months at the pink lotus breast center in california. news the justice department secretly obtained two months of phone records from recorders and editors at the associated press. attorneys say the records involved 20 phone lines, both work and personal, of reporters from several bureaus. >> they told us what they're looking for and nor have they explained why we got no prior notice. which is not a narrow cast inquiry. it seems to be very broad and we don't really know what it's about. >> gretchen: white house press secretary jay carney said, quote, we have no knowledge of any attempt by the justice
5:04 am
department to seek phone records of the ap. we are not involved in decisions made in connection with criminal investigations. the justice department, headed up by eric holder, won't say why it seized the phone records. prosecutors previously said they are investigating who leaked details with a foiled al-qaeda plot to blow autopsy plane last year. it could have been a scene just like the boston bombing. a saudi man will be in court after being arrested at detroit metropolitan airport with a pressure cooker in his luggage. that's the same device used in last month's attack. investigators say the man lied to customs agents and his passport was missing a page. >> god forbid they didn't check this out and this was a dry run and the next one is a bomb, then you'd be questioning the u.s. government the way they acted. >> gretchen: u.s. officials say they were handling the incident as simply a document case and not pursuing any terrorism charges. here is that story, a song
5:05 am
that the late whitney houston turned into one of the best selling singles of all time. ♪ and i will always love you >> gretchen: passengers on board an american airlines flight were feeling anything but love for a woman whose version got the plane diverted. ♪ i will always love you >> gretchen: minutes after takeoff last week, she began singing "i will always love you." wouldn't stop. the pilot declared an emergency when they landed, police took her into cut. does she have to pay for that commotion, all the extra gas and airport charges to land in a different airport and then what about the distress that all these passenger high school to go through? >> brian: the saddest thing is
5:06 am
kevin costner and whitney houston never fulfilled their relationship. at the end, they went their separate ways. >> steve: it was a movie. >> gretchen: i think they did get together. i think actually the whole point of the movie was they did get together. >> brian: did they end up together, laura? >> gretchen: didn't they get together? >> i believe so, but when you say fulfilled their relationship, exactly what do you mean? >> gretchen: it's a morning show. >> my question is, did the woman have to buy drinks for everyone after that? >> brian: she should have. >> steve: should have been on american airlines. so we got bill o'reilly, laura ingraham with us as well. we're going to first play the president of the united states, he fine will he got a question about benghazi after the election, but it's all a side show. your commentary after this. >> the whole issue of talking points frankly throughout this process has been a side show. we have been very clear about throughout was that immediately
5:07 am
after this event happened, we were not clear who exactly carried it out, how it had occurred, what the motivations were. and the e-mails that you allude to were provided by us to congressional committees. they were reviewed them several months ago, concluded that, in fact, there was nothing afoul in terms of the process we had used and suddenly three days ago this gets spun up as if there is something new to the story. there is no there there. >> steve: all right. bill o'reilly, you're first. >> i know what happened now. i mean, really. i'm serious. here is what happened, when they finally realized that the terrorist attack came in an organized fashion, some people in the white house -- and we have to know their names and that's why it's not a side show because you have to know their
5:08 am
names, pretty much insisted with the ascent of the state department who didn't really want to be embarrassed, that they tamped down the c.i.a. and hicks, remember hicks, the second in command who told hillary clinton the night of? tamp that down and let's basically take our time because it might hurt the president's reelection campaign. that's what happened. all right? and then they got in deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper, sending susan rice out. now, i said this on "good morning america." i thought they were all going to have a heart attack this morning, i said to instead geore stephanopoulos, you know better than anybody else the president has to take the lead and tell the american people, who ordered susan rice to say that? who? give me a name of who did that. and then we can start to get to the bottom of it. but until barak obama does that, which he doesn't seem to want to do, this story will continue. >> brian: the counter terror expert said i told three days
5:09 am
after ambassador rice came forward that it was a terrorist attack and that's what they concluded. but that's not what he said on letterman, what he said on "the view" or" 60 minutes." >> why wasn't it in the talking points? if it was so obvious to them, they thought, oh, well, it could have been a terrorist attack, why has that taken out of the talking points? when you watch the president yesterday, but excuse me if i'm not bowled over by the phony outraged, women outraged about the irs and this is a side show. this is a political circus and he's pt barnham and he's juggling and spinning the plates and he's trying to keep everybody distracted with all of this shine gee objects in the air. but the bottom line is, we now know that this government apparently thinks it's okay to tap reporter's phones, it's okay to send out somebody to tell a narrative about a terrorist attack who has nothing to do with it, but who probably wanted to be the secretary of state. and this is a pattern of intimidation and demonization
5:10 am
and fuzzing up the narrative that we have seen from barak obama, that table set from day one of his administration, from telling that latino group, you got to punish your enemies, to the way they intimidated insurance companies, and hospital groups into going along with health care reform. this is their stock and trade. i'm not surprised by anything that comes out of the mouths of these people and frankly, i don't believe much of anything that comes out of that white house press room. i don't know how jay carney gets up every morning after that appearance on friday. >> gretchen: a new poll shows independence, almost 50% do not believe the administration, at least on the benghazi story. the president said it defies why anyone wants to look into the story? what defies logic to people watching today is if he called it terrorism from the beginning as he claims that he did yesterday, then why did he send out susan rice five days later to say that it wasn't terrorism?
5:11 am
shouldn't she be fired then if she went against what the president was saying? >> well, look, again, we all know what happened now. there isn't any debate about what happened. so the president, in order to lead the nation, should explain who did what and why. >> gretchen: will that happen? >> i don't know. he's getting hurt now. he's getting hurt. >> brian: like he never has before. >> that's not fair. the ap thing isn't a scandal. that was -- >> steve: ap feels it is. >> who cares what they feel. they haven't written an accurate article. the justice department went through legal terms to get the phone records. they -- >> steve: we don't know for sure what they did exactly. >> okay. those of us who are following the story know there was an article written about a yemen c.i.a. operation. the justice department wants to find out who leaked that. all right? so they went through channels to get to see the phone records. now, you can say that's wrong of the you can say that shouldn't
5:12 am
have happened, but i'm not going to do that yet. let's just see. so that's not a scandal. >> let me just jump in here. the idea that we're giving the administration the benefit of the doubt -- >> i'm not giving anybody the benefit of anything. i'm saying the facts. >> you're sagittas not a scandal. it is a scandal. >> the ap thing is not a scandal >> brian: secretly obtained the records without the ap's knowledge. >> eric holder had to know about this. they're claiming he didn't. >> they had to get the authorization to get those things. >> we don't know what type of authorization they got yet. >> he had to get authorization -- if they didn't get that from a judge, then it's a scandal. >> there thank is my -- this is my problem. how do you give these people the benefit of the doubt on this issue after everything else that's happened? >> because as a journalist you do that. you have to. >> i think the people who are usually in this scenario turn out to be the ones correct,
5:13 am
bill, are the ones saying back in 2007 and 2008 that barak obama had no managial experience, he had never run anything, and in fact, he was tutored at the feet of someone like a bill ayers who actually laid the whole groundwork for demonizing your enemy -- >> one of the reasons the president is able to rally support is because too many people accuse him of too many things. focus, benghazi up to here. up to here, okay? that's a big-time story. ap, not a big-time storm concentrate on what we know. >> a few months ago we were being told that benghazi wasn't big. a few months ago, benghazi was no big deal. now it's a big deal. >> steve: i think they disagree. this is great television. laura, we'll have to say -- >> i love laura. you got to go with the facts. >> steve: laura, have a great week. bill and his book coming up.
5:14 am
plus. >> brian: angelina jolie revealing she's had a double mastectomy [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your walle here at the hutchison household. but one dark stormy evening... there were two things i could tell: she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her what our other cats love,
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5:17 am
>> steve: it is the advice bill o'reilly has been giving his viewers for many years and his readers as well and now he's compiled it all inside this new book "keep it pithy," useful observations in a tough world. on sale everywhere today. bill o'reilly joins us live to share some of the stories. is this just a rehash of stuff you've done in the past? >> it's just a boring rehash.
5:18 am
[ laughter ] you know, i didn't want to do a book like this, but number one, people lie about me all the time and they say things, o'reilley said this, or o'reilley said that. now, you can get this book, you'll know what i said. number two, this is a tough world and it's changing fast. the world is changing in some good ways, but more bad ways than good. and you need to know how it's changing and why it's changing. you and your family, to prosper. to get on top of the situation. so we go over all of the things we've analyzed on big stories, we got benghazi in there. that's how on top of it we are and why it's happening and what you should do about it. obamacare, what should do you about it? okay? and so it's more of a useful guide. useful guide. >> brian: let's talk about the parent element that you bring to the show 'cause you're a parent. some of the commandments, as busy as you are, this is big,
5:19 am
parents should be available at all times. you're about to go to tape, it's 4:10, you get a call, you say you take the call? >> i take the call and find out if it's an emergency or, you know, what it is. it only takes 30 seconds to delineate that. children should know that you put them first. and that's a part of this book that i want everybody to know. it's not just politics. the key to raising children, even, you know, troublesome children like i was, is just having -- they need to know that you're putting them above everything else. all right? and so if you're on the set say, hey, i'm on the set but i'm taking the call means something. and i can't talk to you, i'll get right back to you after "fox & friends" is over. you go like eight hours. but you get breaks. >> gretchen: i frequently talk to my kids during the break before they go to school. >> do you talk to them through the phone or on your finger?
5:20 am
>> because she has the actual power. she reminds me of elizabeth montgomery? when that nose goes, stuff appears all over. you guys know that. >> gretchen: yeah, right. >> she can make lunch appear. >> gretchen: we may disagree about several things, but i agree with your ten commandments of parenting. you say parents should pay for college. you owe your kids. >> you brought them in. >> gretchen: i love this one. parents should remove tv's and computers from kids' rooms or never put them in there in the first place. >> that's right. you got to have some kind of control over what they're doing, particularly on this computer business, it's horrible. but all of that's common sense. most people do it. but parents get distracted, they get tired. i know parents who go to bed before their teen-agers. >> brian: good luck. you spoke at my son's school for the juniors. >> didn't i charge them like ten grand? >> brian: you did, which i thought was wrong. but it is a capitalist country. >> steve: this a great book. i looked over it yesterday.
5:21 am
it's called "keep it pithy" from bill o'reilly. >> gretchen: now by magic, i'm going to move my nose and we're going to go to commercial break and tell but angelina jolie when we come back. >> brian: i bet you we don't go the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
5:22 am
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>> brian: fox news alert. russian officials detained a u.s. citizen for allegedly being a c.i.a. agent. officials claim that ryan fogel, secretary at our embassy, tried to recruit a russian intelligence officer. they say he had disguises, large amount of cash when captured. and the defense department is poised to trim the number of civilian furlough days from 14 to 11 or fewer. defense secretary chuck hagel is expected to announce a decision on the hotly contested issue as early as today. and now here is gretchen with one of our top stories.
5:25 am
>> gretchen: thank you, brian. breaking news out of hollywood this morning. actress angelina jolie revealing that she has had a double mastectomy after doctors found a gene that puts her at an 87% risk of developing cancer. is this a wake-up call for all women? joining me now, dr. mark siegle of the fox news medical a team. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: she has the braca 1 gene. what is it? >> we all have that gene. all of us have them. they're genes that prevent our cells from growing crazily. but she has a mutation in the gene, means it's no longer working. so that's why she's at big risk for breast cancer. without that gene to suppress tumor growth, you can get breast cancer. she says she has an 87% risk of it before the mastectomies. generally it's 60%, or five times the risk for someone that doesn't have that gene. five times. hers is a little more 'cause she has a family history of cancer already from her mother.
5:26 am
>> gretchen: women watching rightor that matter, because they can have a mutation on it. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: what should they do right now? should everyone be tested? >> i say no. i want people out there to know it's less than a 1 in 100 chance that you're carrying this. furthermore, if go to your doctor, they may say what they think your risk is. if you have a family history of breast cancer at a young age, you may want to get tested for this. the whole population just needs to know that there is a 12% risk of breast cancer, period n women. so all women have to be on the alert. this is a test you want to get if you think you're at an increased risk. >> gretchen: also her mother died of ovarian cancer. we had cara dioguardi on earlier. she had her ovaries taken off and her breasts taken off. should angelina jolie get her ovaries taken off. >> i can tell she's seriously considering that. the problem with ovarian cancer is it's hard to screen for it. with a breast, she could have made the decision to use mri
5:27 am
scans repeatedly, close surveillance. but of course, with reconstruction, this is a very reasonable decision she made. ovarian, it's almost impossible to screen for this. so with a greater than 50% chance there, it's likely she'll consider doing that as well. >> gretchen: all right. thank you so much for the insight into that and for helping a lot of people out there today. thank you. >> it's expensive to get this test. >> gretchen: $3,000 and insurance does not cover it. >> does not cover? >> gretchen: thank you. no surprise here, turns out the irs scandal did run deeper and now word they could be leaking some of that information. then a gitmo detainee says he's been abandoned by the president? we'll tell you why [ male announcer ] from red lobster's chefs to your table our seafood dinner for two for just 25 dollars! first get salad and cheddar bay biscuits. then choose from a variety of seafood entrées.
5:28 am
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>> brian: time for shot of the morning. say hello to summer. it's free cone day and asen das is handing out free ice cream for the first 100 people. it's true. the flavors are predetermined. >> gretchen: they even have new gelato flavors, like black cherry, cappuccino and much more. you can snag some free ice cream at any hagendaaz between 4 and 8:00 p.m. today. all right. make this mental note. >> steve: they've been doing this for a number of years.
5:32 am
maria molina, not quite ice cream weather yet. it's a little on the chilly side. >> that's right. not quite ice cream weather. in places across new york city, parts of new england, and i want to mention, gretchen, you mentioned taking your kids for ice cream. if you're taking them, keep in mind the cappuccino flavor actual lea has coffee in it. and also of note is that the lemon cello has vodka in it. that is more for the after work crowd. >> brian: is that allowed? aren't children buying this? >> gretchen: don't eat that on tv then. >> steve: only endorsed by danny devito. >> i'll save that for after work. i'll try what i think is cappuccino. >> steve: i just tried the cherry one, it's delicious. >> delicious. this is actually not cappuccino. it tastes like caramel. sea salt caramel. delicious. that was good. as far as the weather goes, like we mentioned, it's a very chilly day across parts of the northeast. we woke up to several frosts and freeze warnings in effect across parts of the region. most of those are continuing to
5:33 am
expire. we do still have a few advisories across parts of west virginia and also the state of virginia and also parts of north carolina. temperature wise, it is going to be a chilly day. we're expecting temperatures to remain quite chilly across parts of the northeast. we're talking low 60s in places like new york city. and cleveland, you could get up to the upper 60s out there and areas farther west across the midwest, it is going to be a hot day for you. 93 for you in the city of minneapolis. 89 in kansas city. other parts of nebraska getting into the upper 90s. some of you could just be shy of 100 degrees in parts of nebraska, especially in the city of north platte. quite a hot day out there. otherwise we'll keep eating ice cream. good day for ice cream in nebraska. >> steve: will be. thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: the rest of headlines. o. j. simpson expected to take the stand today. he says his lawyer was really bad. he botched his defense. he didn't even tell him there was a deal on the table in 2008.
5:34 am
remember when he got his gun and went and stole his stuff back? a inch bigger simpson appeared in court. he has ballooned to 270 pounds because evidently he's in a smaller cell than others. over the last four years he put on weight. here he is yesterday, compared to the middle picture. he's back -- that's back in 2008 when he was convicted. on the far right, in 1995, is the day he was acquitted of his ex-wife's murder. >> steve: for the first time ever, the u.s. navy will launch a drone from the back deck of an aircraft carrier. that is new. take a look at how psyched the crew is at today's -- that test launch. it's on the george herbert walker bush carrier. the x 47 b is the size of a traditional fighter plane and can reach an altitude of 40,000 feet. looks like a stealth. >> gretchen: yemeni prison who are has been held for more than ten years at gitmo says president obama abandoned him by not closing the prison.
5:35 am
he has complained about the inhumane conditions. the suspect has lost a court challenge, though, to his detention. >> brian: forget about the speed pass. go to the front of the line if you are handicapped. we all know that. that's a nice thing disney does. now people are hiring handicapped tour guides. it's reported wealthy manhattan moms are doing just that, having people from dream tours, florida, pretend to be family members. a little girl waited only a minute, while others waited two hours. the black market disney guides run $130 an hour. the man who runs the tour company denies the claim. disney has not commented. what are they going to do? i.d. the kids in wheelchairs to see if their parents are really their parents and their guardian s submit to questioning? >> steve: it's a story here in new york city. this is a scandal for the obama administration. the irs -- >> brian: it is? >> steve: it is a scandal. absolutely. the irs has targeted conservative groups because of
5:36 am
their names. if they've got patriot in the name, if they've got constitution or things like that. it's interesting because we heard on friday that it was just low level employees in sin sun. as it turns out, goes right up the food chain. even the boss knew a year ago and it's also in washington, d.c., and two spots out in california. >> gretchen: it could be actually this was including has shulman -- douglas shulman, he knew as of 2012 that this type of activity was going on. this is lois learner, she was the one -- the spokesperson for the cincinnati office. >> steve: she knew two years ago. >> gretchen: we told you about her yesterday. could this story be more than just really looking into anyone who is trying to get this 501 c 4 status if they had those certain names or words within the names of their corporation? now conservative groups say the irs not only targeting them, but leaking information to other
5:37 am
people as well. for example, the national organization for marriage now accusing the irs of leak confidential tax information, tax return information to its opponent at the human rights campaign. so that, to me, would be much more of a criminal offense and this could be really getting a lot deeper. >> brian: by the way, friday there is going to be hearings on this. steve miller will be grilled, along with russell george, is trying to get to the bottom of it. if you're being audited, if your company is being looked at, if you have to submit to questioning, everything stops. your whole organization stops. plus with a nonprofit, there is not a lot of play. so you're sitting there, you don't go and push for your cause. you're tying to stay alive. john was audited, he had the same type company. he said if he failed this audit, the whole company dissolved. >> gretchen: what about the cost? it's unbelievable. now a lot of organizations may try to sue to get some of this money back. >> steve: it's crazy. the barak obama administration
5:38 am
won't refer to somebody as a terrorist, but if somebody in a group refers to themselves as patriot, they wind up sicking the irs on them. hash tag, crazy town. meanwhile, senator mitch mcconnell says this about it. the obama effort to shut up opponents isn't limited to the irs. it applies to the fcc, the sec, the fec, hhs, and you remember the obama campaign last year published a list of eight businessmen who it believed were enemies and where did that list come from? was it the irs? stand by. i think we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg because as the president said yesterday, he's outraged and if it happened, that would be bad, although they've already apologized. so it's happened. >> gretchen: the other big story has to do with the associated press and the department of justice. apparently, but there was a foiled terror plot, the c.i.a. was involved in it in yemen back in 2010. the associated press was going
5:39 am
to report this story. they were asked to not do it until the government got things in order. so they did quash it for some time. but there was a source that was talking to the ap from inside the government. well, did the department of justice want to find out who that source was? apparently yes. so what did they do? they took two months of phone records from the ap, personal and work phones of more than 100 employees. so was there anything wrong in doing that? well, it remains to be seen whether or not the attorney general of this country, eric holder, had to actually sign off on being able to get those records and whether or not a judge had to sign off on that being legal. >> brian: it was a plot you can honestly say could be jeopardizing national security because we along with the saudis, infiltrate add yemeni cell whose goal was to on the day that bin laden was killed on the next year a to kill a bunch of americans by blowing autopsy plane. a saudi decided to be a double agent. he was picked as the suicide
5:40 am
bomber. instead of blowing up, he took his bomb, left, and told us about it. so you can honestly say there is a national -- there could be, if there is other guys in there, it's of national interest to do it. my sense is if i'm eric holder and i signed off on it for national security reasons, why would i be quiet today? i would say, stop the story. my judgment said, and the power in the patriot act allows m to go do this. >> steve: it would be good to know whether or not eric holder himself did have to sign off on it. we did have the former deputy attorney general under george herbert walker bush earlier on the program w. asked him, would holder have to sign off. he said this. >> under internal justice department rules, that's right, steve. although he can delegate that authority to, for example, the deputy attorney general. it is a big deal because it obviously is a rather unprecedented sweep of journalistic phone records, which most equally obviously can have a chilling effect on the rights of those journalists and
5:41 am
that news organization to gather the news. but on the other hand, it's also a serious national security leak investigation that was prompted by outcries from congress to begin with. >> steve: you got to remember that. bill o'reilly said he didn't think at this point, from what we know t rose to the level of scandal for the obama administration. however, the aclu is furious about it. they refer to this as an unacceptable abuse of power. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, the president goes on the defensive about benghazi. he says he called it terror the day after the attack. is that the truth? peter johnson, jr. rolls in. >> the president held a dual press conference with british prime minister cameron today. a reporter asked about benghazi and then hillary showed up in the middle of the qee it? show what happened. take a look. >> we got time for a couple questions. we're going to start with julie pace. >> i wanted to ask about benghazi. you stand by your administration's assertion that the talking points were not
5:42 am
purposely changed to down play the prospects of terrorism. [ laughter ] ♪ it's only rock'n'roll but i like it ♪ ♪ it's only rock'n'roll but i like it ♪ ♪
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5:46 am
>> brian: with critics streaming cover, president obama went on the defensive, insisting he called the benghazi attacks terror days after the attack. >> if this was some effort on our part to try to down play what had happened or tamp it down, that would be a pretty odd thing that three days later we end up putting out all the information that in fact has now served as the basis for everybody recognizing that this was a terrorist attack. the whole thing defies logic. >> brian: that's the same look he had against mitt romney. fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. says the commander in chief is contradicting himself and joins us this morning. in what way? >> big time. and it's a weak, weak defense. he looks weak in making the defense because he knows what he said at the united nations about two weeks later after the
5:47 am
attack. was he talking about the video? let's watch the tape. >> that is what we saw play out in the last two weeks. the crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. i have made it clear that the united states government had nothing to do with this video. i know there is some who ask, why don't we ban such a video? there are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. there is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. >> brian: i don't get it. the president says three days after his counterterrorism said this was a terrorist attack. then he went on letterman, "the view" and did that speech and blames the video. >> went to the world. there was in narrative for many weeks that somehow, yes, there was violence, maybe it was terrorism, but maybe it was also a spontaneous eruption in response to a first amendment exercise that was anti-islam by the united states. so it was a narrative that was one hand saying, well, it was
5:48 am
kind of uncontrollable and unforeseen and unforeseeable, but yeah, there was some terror involved, or that it was troughistic in effect. the narrative was absolutely false and obviously it was designed to be false. so for the president to say now, no, we fessed up three days later, when two weeks later he's talking at the u.n. four or five or six times about a video, to give -- to imply this is what the cause was, he's wrong. >> brian: when pat smith's mom heard from hillary clinton days after when the body came back, we're going to really prosecute that producer of that movie, what were they talking about there? are they not telling the truth to the family of those who lost their life? meanwhile, independents were asked, what do you think of the honesty of the obama administration when it comes to this incident? 30% honest, 40% dishonest. >> the only side show that the president was talking about was the pitch card, the talking
5:49 am
points that was propound by the white house and state and c.i.a. that was the side show. this is the real performance, to see what happened to our government in those many weeks and in these months. does the cover-up continue day after day based on what we heard from the white house yesterday. >> brian: peter, thanks. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. you know her from "law and order." now she's going public with her struggle with infertility. it's an issue that affects many millions of americans. her story is next. but first, let's check in with martha mccallum, find out what she's put together with bill hemmer. >> hey there. good morning. okay. we've got a loft big stories this morning. we have benghazi and the irs scandal which now has links to washington, d.c. and questions about the justice department digging into ap phone records. a lot on the plate today. bill o'reilly is here with us this morning. senator lindsey graham joins us, steve hayes with the latest on benghazi, lots coming up. we'll see you right here at the top of the hour on "america's
5:50 am
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>> steve: you might know elizabeth rome best as assistant d.a.serena souther land on "law and order." >> gretchen: this morning she's talk being infertility and desire to have a child. she has a new book. elizabeth joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: such a person story. yet, i think it's so profound and so important to get this message out. i, too, struggled with the idea of not being able to have a child and you want other women to start asking questions. >> yeah. the journey of writing the book really came from my blog, my blog which i've done
5:54 am
for 2 1/2 years. i've always been a pretty private person since i became an actor. but this blog was really transformative for me. i started talking candidly about my mothering, my questions, my issues as a parent. and i remember reading an article that nicole kidman tributed to talking candidly about using a surrogate and although i had actively decided not to talk about my ibf treatments and how i conceived my daughter, i was so moved by nicole's honesty and it really touched me, you know, that i thought i need to say this. why am i not talking about this? what's the big deal? there is nothing to hide. >> steve: right. >> so i blogged about it. and there was this reaction. i mean, it trended at number one on yahoo for a good part of the day and i thought, well, i guess i'm not the only one. knowing the statistics, it's staggering. >> steve: in your book, you write this, those women who parade around with the perfect
5:55 am
new baby and leave out the major detail that she did not, in fact, conceive naturally but had to do ivf, i believe that is a sin of omission. it is a lie and it hurts women as well. >> yeah. i think ultimately writing the blog and writing the book and having the most amazing hippy mother who was an advocate and an activist, i think we have to, as women, be advocates of each other. >> gretchen: what questions do you want women to ask when they go to the ob-gyn? >> if this book can inspire women starting at age 30 to go to their ob-gyn and say i want to check my hormone levels and ovarian reserve. i want to do that as an annual maintenance that i will do for myself, for my body. it's a life insurance policy for your homeland security kids. you could look at it like that. if you want to be a mother, it's your responsibility. >> brian: here is the big question, do you like being a mother? >> i love being a mother. so it was worth it. >> gretchen: you found out at 34 that you had prematurely aging eggs. >> yes. >> gretchen: you say that it came as a shock.
5:56 am
>> yes. >> gretchen: that's why women should ask these questions. >> well, unfortunately, there is some sort of taboo and stigma associated with women not being able to have children naturally. it's a very deep, painful subject, one that i endured. and i guess because it's what makes you divinely female, and distinctly feminine, and when you can't do it naturally, it challenges yourself-worth as a woman, even if you're a career woman and you pride that in yourself. so you have to battle those feelings in yourself and speak up for others because, look, 70 to 80 million people in the world have fertility issues. that's 50% men and 50% women. it's not a gender specific issue. >> steve: that's why it's important that a lot of people read your journey called "baby steps." thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> brian: great to meet you. >> gretchen: we'll be right back [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we never stop being amazed by you.
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>> gretchen: tomorrow, arably tisdale, former victoria secret model. join us. >> brian: and you. martha: all right. everybody, yet another scandal is now emerging this morning from the obama administration. the associated press says that the justice department secretly seized their phone records from reporters and editors. the news organization, very unhappy about this to say the least. they're calling it a massive and unprecedented intrusion, raising a lot of questions about freedom of the press and the first amendment. good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. here in america's newsroom. >> i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. top lawmakers want answers, they want them now, raising questions of abuses of power. speaker of the house, john boehner saying quote, they better have a damn good